Grooming Classes

Full Private Class ..... $100 for small/medium dogs (up to 2 hours) ..... $150 for large dogs (up to 3 hours)

*We are all booked up for classes for the next couple months!! If you have already received a class scheduling paper, just call by the date listed on your paper and we can get you in, however we are not scheduling any more "initial/before-class grooms" at this time! Follow us on facebook - we will let you know when we are opening up the initial/before-class grooms again! 

Interested in a hands-on grooming class? We want to teach you how to use shears & clippers to safely and properly complete a full groom/haircut on your dog - tailor your class to what you want to learn! We always groom your dog first prior to your class - this ensures that your dog will not only be a good candidate for you to learn on, but helps you get the most out of your class by relieving your dog of any mats or tangles while setting a grooming pattern. After they are groomed by us, you must schedule your class within 4-6 weeks from your groom. At the time of scheduling, we will require full non-refundable payment of the class to hold your class time. Keeping your dog on the grooming schedule ensures that the pattern is not too grown out and that there is not any matting. We require a 24 hour notice prior to your class if you wish to reschedule (& to have your payment credited to your rescheduled class), however if rescheduling puts your dog over 8 weeks out, then you must start the process over of having your dog groomed & then schedule the class again 4-6 weeks out. A full private class averages to about 1.5-3 hours long, depending on the size & coat of your dog. (The average class time to complete a full all over haircut on a small dog is 2 hours. Larger poodles and doodles typically take 3 hours.) Once we do the full professional grooming on your dog we will be able to let you know a more exact length for their class. The class will supply all the tools you will need and those tools will be explained during the class and documented for future use. Dogs must be clean & completely dried prior to your class. Our self-serve area is always open for walk-in bathing (see self-serve wash for pricing information). We recommend bathing your dog within 24 hours before your class. After completing your class, you can rent all the equipment from us or purchase your own to use in our shop at anytime! If you would like more information give us a call!

Customize your class to what you'd like to learn:

  • Basic trimming of feet, and/or face
  • Full body hair cut

Stop in anytime we're open for a free consultation!
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Grooming Equipment Rental (Clippers & Shears)

* Grooming class required prior to equipment rental ;- No time limit, charge is PER DOG

Your dog will be checked by our staff prior to renting equipment!! Your dog must be CLEAN & FULLY DRY prior to equipment rental. If you perform your bath at home, there is a $7 (per dog) fee to rent a table. The table rental fee is void if you perform your bath (self-serve wash) here at our facilities. You have 24 hours after your self-serve wash here to rent equipment (this way your dog is fully dry prior to renting equipment).

  • $7 for extra small dog
  • $10 for small dog
  • $15 for med-lg dog
  • $20 for extra large dog

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